Bite Size Learning

Bite Size LearningBite size learning gives you an opportunity to try a session and see if it is something you would be interested in. You can then go onto book one of our larger courses or if you are happy with the information provided in the bite size course then why not try another.

2-hour Dementia Awareness

This course looks at how Dementia affects not only the individual with the diagnosis but also the people around them. Being aware of the effects and managing them as effectively as possible helps give a better understanding about this condition.

2-hour Diabetes awareness

This interactive workshop helps individuals to understand what Type II Diabetes is and the effects it has on the body. There will also be key information about the truths and myths surrounding this sometimes complex condition.

2-hour Emotional Resilience

This course helps to identify factors that may affect an individual’s emotional resilience and plan how to effectively deal with this.

2-hour Information Governance

This course covers the importance of understanding protocols, security measures and the legal requirement by all organisations to protect individual’s data and information.

2-hour Making Every Contact Count

This workshop looks at the importance of making the best of every opportunity to raise the issue of healthy lifestyle. This is for staff working at all levels of an organisation.

2-hour Mental Health awareness

This course defines what is meant by the term mental health and helps individuals recognise the signs, symptoms and risk factors to allow us to maintain their own positive mental wellbeing.

2-hour Mindfulness

This course looks at how we can be mindful in our everyday activities and practice feeling more connected with what is happening around us.

2-hour Manage your Stress

This is a 2-hour session for staff working at all levels of an organisation. It aims to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace and help each person to devise an individual ‘Wellbeing at Work’ plan.

2-hour Suicide awareness

Suicide is a complex and difficult conversation to have but this bite-size course explores the reasons behind why individuals take their own lives.

2-hour Understanding Health Improvement

This brief workshop highlights how individuals and workers can improve health through a range of techniques, by making small changes and understanding the wider literacy surrounding health and wellbeing.

2-hour Working with Diversity

This course is designed to help learners understand more about their responsibilities for promoting Equality and Diversity in the workplace.

1-hr Stress Buster

Identifies signs and symptoms of our stress and how we can best manage it.