Busy Schedule But Need Training? Try Bite-Size Learning

Busy Schedule But Need Training? Try Bite-Size Learning

It seems like we’re all short on time these days, and if you already have a busy life and a heavy workload, you can feel dismayed when you get told that you have to spend a precious day or two on a course.

While the escape from the office can be nice, if you spend the entire time on the course thinking about how far behind you’ll be when you get back to work, it just adds to your stress. So how can you get quality training that fits in with your busy schedule? The answer is you can do a bite-size course.

The benefits of bite-size courses

It’s more cost effective

The fact that you can learn all you need to know in a shorter amount of time is more cost effective, because employees aren’t spending lots of time away from work in training.

They’re more flexible

If you’ve ever tried to get your whole team on the same course on the same day, at the same time, you’ll know that it’s nothing short of a nightmare. It would be much more convenient for you to book a bite-size course so everyone is only taken away from your commitments for up to 2 hours.

They break wider topics down into manageable chunks

Rather than having to attend a longer course, bite-size learning allows you to attend a few different sessions so you’ll get a good grasp of wider topics in less time.

They’re often better quality

Having less time means that a lot has to be packed into a bite-size course, so only information that is highly-relevant will be taught. These types of courses can be more interactive and engaging, and tend to involve more discussion, scenarios, or videos.

Bite-size courses suit our attention spans

Research has found that we can only maintain full concentration for so long, and that people go through cycles of 90-120 minutes throughout the day where their alertness and natural energy levels are high. Short courses are more likely to capitalise on this and so people will get more benefit from the learning.

They can be a nice taster

If you think you’d like to do a longer course, but you’re not sure whether it’s for you, a bite-size course is a great way of getting a taster of a topic and seeing if it interests you first.

Train with us:

We offer a wide range of bite-size courses, so you’re sure to find something that will you suit you or your organisation.

Register your interest for any of our bite-size courses using our contact form. The course instructor will then get in touch to confirm your place.

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Bridget Woodhead