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How To Stay Resilient When Pandemic Fatigue Sets In

Normally we get excited about the new year; the holidays we’re going to book and what it might bring, but many of us might feel like it’s hard to get excited about 2021, because Covid is still here and it’s very much still hanging over us. After many months of restrictions, grief, anxiety, and stress, […]

How to Beat Post-Lockdown Anxiety

We’ve all spent months in lockdown and dreamed of when we can get out and see our family and friends, go out for a meal or a coffee, or fly away to sunnier climes again. But now that lockdown is easing and we are slowly getting some of our freedoms back, is there a part […]

The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Mental Health

We read the headlines every day about the impact of the coronavirus on the economy, and what progress is being made to control the virus and develop a vaccine, but in the midst of all of this, we have another battle to face; the impact of the pandemic on mental health. Life as we know […]

Are you Anxious About the Coronavirus?

Unless you’ve been living on Mars, you will have noticed that every headline you read, every post you see on social media, and probably every conversation you have as you go about your day is about one thing: the coronavirus. We see the amount of confirmed cases and the latest death toll being reported every […]

How to Be Kinder to Yourself

As Valentine’s Day approaches, your thoughts might be turning to love. You might give a card and a present to your other half, or do something nice for them, and while this is great, how often do you show yourself love and kindness? When your partner, or a family member or friend is struggling with […]

Who is Caring for the Carers?

According to figures from the Carers Trust, there are around 7 million carers in the UK, and with an ageing population, this is only going to increase. Carers sacrifice a lot to look after their loved ones, but who cares for them? Many people in caring roles are stressed out, anxious, and depressed, and unfortunately, […]

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Why the Festive Season is an Ordeal for the Socially Anxious

The countdown to Christmas is on, and with it comes the office parties, family gatherings, and crowded shops. For people with social anxiety, the idea of running the gauntlet of festive busyness is a complete nightmare. What is social anxiety? Social anxiety is an overwhelming fear of social situations, and sufferers usually experience anything from […]

The Truth About Psychosis

There’s a lot of misunderstanding around psychosis. If someone experiences psychosis, it doesn’t mean that they’re dangerous, even though the media would have you think that. A psychotic episode is an isolating and terrifying experience where you completely lose touch with reality. When someone is having an episode they might: Have hallucinations: they might see […]

High-Functioning Depression: The Secret Struggle

When you think about what someone with depression looks like, what comes to mind? Someone who can barely get out of bed? Someone who doesn’t look after themselves and can’t hold down a job? This is probably what most of us would think of. But the fact is, depression is hidden in many people who […]

Mental Health and Recovery: The Long and Winding Road

Recovery from mental illness is possible, but recovery means something different to everyone. For one person it might mean being free of their symptoms while for another person, they might consider themselves as being in recovery when they can feel hopeful about the future again. What is recovery? When your doctor talks to you about […]

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