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How To Stay Resilient When Pandemic Fatigue Sets In

Normally we get excited about the new year; the holidays we’re going to book and what it might bring, but many of us might feel like it’s hard to get excited about 2021, because Covid is still here and it’s very much still hanging over us. After many months of restrictions, grief, anxiety, and stress, […]

Who is Caring for the Carers?

According to figures from the Carers Trust, there are around 7 million carers in the UK, and with an ageing population, this is only going to increase. Carers sacrifice a lot to look after their loved ones, but who cares for them? Many people in caring roles are stressed out, anxious, and depressed, and unfortunately, […]

How to Be Mindful At Work

Most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else, and with increasing workloads, job uncertainty, and office politics to deal with, it’s little wonder that many of us find work one of the most stressful places to be. Research has shown that working in a stressful environment can make us less productive, less […]

How Mindfulness Can Make You More Resilient

We all have busy lives. It can seem like for every moment of the day, there are countless things vying for our attention, from family, to work, thoughts about the past, and worries about the future. This means that whatever we’re doing, our mind is never really on it, we’re never really ‘in the moment.’ […]

What is it Like to Live With Anxiety?

Most of us feel anxious at one time or another, whether we’re about to go into a job interview, we have a health scare, or there’s something else that makes us feel like we’re under threat. This is completely normal. What’s not normal is when anxiety impacts upon your day to day life and causes […]

How to Cope with Christmas Stress

Christmas can be full of fun and togetherness, but it can also be a very stressful time. There’s the stress of Christmas shopping, money worries, spending time with relatives you might not see eye to eye with, and the worry that you’re just not going to get everything done. But the good news is that […]

What Makes a Mentally Healthy Workplace?

The world of work is a different place now. Businesses are cutting costs, employees are working longer hours and have increasing workloads, and this is bad news for their wellbeing. According to figures published by MIND, one in six employees in Britain suffer from anxiety, depression or stress. The problem is made worse by the […]

How to Manage and Reduce Stress in your Life

This year’s Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 14th to 20th May, and this time, the focus is on stress. Research has shown that around two thirds of people suffer from mental ill health at some point in their life, and stress is a major cause. What is stress? Stress is pressure that you’re exposed […]