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How Refresher Training Can Benefit Your Organisation

If you mention refresher training to your staff, do they roll their eyes? Often, refresher training is seen as a chore or a ‘tick box’ exercise, but it can actually have some really important benefits for organisations. As you might have seen in our last blog, we’ll be running our first Mental Health First Aid […]

How to Be Mindful At Work

Most of us spend more time at work than anywhere else, and with increasing workloads, job uncertainty, and office politics to deal with, it’s little wonder that many of us find work one of the most stressful places to be. Research has shown that working in a stressful environment can make us less productive, less […]

Suffering in Silence: The Effects of Menopause on Mental Health

The Menopause, affectionately known as ‘the change’ is commonly associated with hot flushes but have you ever thought about how the hormonal changes woman go through during this time in their lives can affect their mental health? The BBC survey In a survey of over 1000 women aged 50-60 commissioned by the BBC, almost 48% […]

What Makes a Mentally Healthy Workplace?

The world of work is a different place now. Businesses are cutting costs, employees are working longer hours and have increasing workloads, and this is bad news for their wellbeing. According to figures published by MIND, one in six employees in Britain suffer from anxiety, depression or stress. The problem is made worse by the […]