The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Mental Health

We read the headlines every day about the impact of the coronavirus on the economy, and what progress is being made to control the virus and develop a vaccine, but in the midst of all of this, we have another battle to face; the impact of the pandemic on mental health. Life as we know […]

How Schools Can Promote Good Mental Health

  An increasing number of children and young people are developing mental health problems in the UK, and the statistics make for grim reading. Suicide is the leading cause of death of young people in the UK 10% of school children have a diagnosable mental illness 75% of children and young people with mental health […]

#HandsUp4HealthyMinds: World Mental Health Day 2018

This year’s World Mental Health Day is focusing on young people and mental health in a changing world. Today’s young people have more opportunities than previous generations, but they also face unique pressures. The pressure to do well academically, poverty, bullying, and the damaging effects of social media all contribute to the situation we’re in […]

The Epidemic of Mental Ill Health Among Young People

More young people than ever are suffering from a mental health problem. Pressures to do well at school, college or university, plus the effects of social media, bullying, and poverty all contribute to the statistic that one in ten young people are experiencing mental health problems at any one time. Suicide is the second most […]