Promoting Emotional Resilience


promoting emotional resilienceEmotional resilience forms part of everyday life. If we can be better at dealing with the complex situations that surround daily living then we will be more positive and effective in moving forward with our lives.

The training aims to:

• Gain an understanding of what emotional resilience is

• Discuss how to manage emotional stress

• The positive impacts emotional resilience can have on everyday life

• Learn techniques to help balance and control your emotions in a positive way

• Understand the links between stress and emotional resilience

• Helps people to explore mindfulness and how we can celebrate the present rather than regretting the past or fearing the future

stressed zebraThis course is aimed at anyone interested in becoming more aware of how emotional resilience affects individuals or how this could help improve wellbeing in the workplace.

If you’d like further information regarding this training please contact us on or call us on  07917062257.