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Healthcare is changing. The emphasis is shifting from treating illness, to promoting good health. The Department of Health is encouraging individuals to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing – whether it is quitting smoking, doing more exercise, losing weight, eating more healthily or drinking alcohol wisely.

About the award

This award, supported by the Department of Health, helps organisations and employers support a healthy workforce and helps frontline staff to perform a general health promotion role. It provides the underpinning knowledge necessary to support people to make positive changes in their lives and to maintain a healthier lifestyle. As part of the award participants will gain:
• An introduction to the basics of promoting health and wellbeing
• Understanding of the barriers people face in making lifestyle changes
• Knowledge of how to help people make changes to improve their health

Benefits for Learners

The award has a number of benefits including:
• Enhancing your own health and wellbeing
• Reinforcing a work-life balance
• Knowledge and skills in health promotion
• Greater confidence to support people to make every contact a health improvement contact

What to expect

The award is based on a 1.5 day training course, including a 45 minute assessment. The training day itself will consist of a mixture of presentations, group discussions and activities.

You can register your interest by using the ‘contact us’ section above. This will then send an email to the instructor running the course who will then get in touch to confirm your place.

Still have a few queries?

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